Subject: mac port capabilities
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Juha Inkari <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/01/1995 11:30:55

I may soon be facing the situation on installing netbsd on some
some sort of apple computers (don't exactly what, but probably some
higher end 68k based).

I run i386 current, and also sup other architectures, so I digged into
the mac port source a bit to see what is supported and what's not.

However, I did not gain much wisdom on doing it, because I don't know
that much about the mac hardware.

I'd appreciate if someone could list me at least what does not work
(what models and cards to avoid). Especially I am after information
about capabilities of:

- capturing video (framegrabber card or sth)
- displaying graphics (X would be cool, however just dumping into a
  framebuffer could do it, though).
- audio output

because the project where these macs will be involved does require at
least one of the capabilities above (plus running our other software,
which would not be trivial to port to non Unix operating system - we'd
rather write a device driver for the mac port).