Subject: Re: Problem with Ethernet
To: Craig A. Huegen <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/30/1995 22:47:17
> May 30 18:48:07 flappy /netbsd: ae0: device timeout

On your IIci, there isn't one unless you figure it out and send it to
me.  Basically, you're missing the ae0 interrupts.  I haven't had time
to dig into figuring out where they end up on the IIci--all I know is
that the RBV is responsible for them.  If you want to fool around with
it and can get a current kernel compiled, drop me a line.  Getting the
interrupts properly is all that's keeping the IIci from being able to
use ethernet--and it really isn't an insurmountable problem if you have
some time to fool with it.

> I haven't compiled a new "bleeding-edge" kernel from sun-lamp yet, as I 
> haven't really had the time.  Any ideas?

Yeah...  Try building a kernel.  If you can do that, it'll be roughly
the same as the 0516 kernel that you downloaded (I'm in the midst of
redoing parts of the bootstrap).

BTW, get used to referring to sun-lamp as "" or
""--whichever you mean.  The names:


will (hopefully) be around long after their "real" names are moved or


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