Subject: Re: IIci results w/ -current
To: Brian Gaeke <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/29/1995 20:08:52
> 1. Must cold boot between instantiations of MacBSD, otherwise it freezes
>    after "ser0 at mainbus0" (right before "ser1 at mainbus0" and "nubus0 at
>    mainbus0").

This is the first I've heard of such behavior.  Has anyone else
experienced it?

> 2. No support for my ethernet card!! :( It's a Farallon EtherMac II-TP (btw).
>    Is this something that I should try to work on or is that part of the
>    kernel already being worked over?

Do you know if this is an 8390-based ethernet card?  Is it 100%
Apple-compatible?  If so, send me the info from Slots (you can
upload it to puma in pub/incoming as a screen-shot, if you like).

> 3. Still doesn't work with my video card (a SuperMac Spectrum 8*24 PDQ)
>    'Weird mapping starts at 0x0, length 0x0.'

This is an unfortunate message...  It refers to the IIsi's internal
video.  Ignore this.  I am aware of the problem with this (and other)
video cards and plan to get on that after my current batch of changes
(rather major overhaul).

> 4. Random panics of the form: "panic: cpu_swapout: can't get here" then
>    "stopped at _Debugger + 0xnnnn : unlk a6".

These aren't random and they shouldn't happen.  The 0506 kernel was
busted and you should use an earlier or later kernel.  This message is
why you couldn't find this kernel again.

> I vaguely remember that the netbsd.051695 kernel on puma didn't work.

Please try it again and let me know.  This is the one you should be
using instead of 0506.  If it doesn't work, try 0429, but in either
case, let me know how it goes (no need to copy to the list).

> I plan to try compiling a -current kernel soon; I'll post results later.
> If anyone has any insights into my troubles, please post!! Thanks!

I think you should be OK compiling -current at the moment.  If you're
successful, you should get something like the 0516 kernel (which I've
been running on puma since I compiled it--8 1/2 days, now, sometimes
under a heavy load).


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