Subject: Re: New and interesting kernel behavior
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/21/1995 22:22:43
> Lovely, but the only way that it even got as far as it did was to disable
> extensions and the like... I really believe it would function over the
> serial console ... I even have a serial thingy (thingy is a generic term
> for terminal) but I can't get the UART settings right .. I think it shoud
> be 19200 bps at 8N1 but that isn't working ... I'm seeing complete garbage.

Serial console is 9600N81.  I don't know how it's working with a
Daystar accelerator.  If you have the caches enabled, disable them
before booting.  It's possible that there are differences between
different revisions of the accel.  I don't know.

> Also, I'm gonna try netbsd10.patched ... that was supposedly tested on
> a Mac II.

All of the kernels should run on a MacII.  With the powercache in there,
it's not the same machine as a stock II--the processor is clocked 3-4 times
faster and is an '030 instead of and '020...  It also has an external
cache that we are not taking into account in the OS.

Apparently Brad got it to work somehow, but I know that others have not.


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