Subject: Re: Video Boards
To: None <>
From: Toshiya Takitani <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/17/1995 11:34:07 wrote:
>   Has anyone out there used MacBSD with the Radius PRO 24-XP?
> My system seems to hang when it gets to grf0.  I will try to get a
> current kernel, my is the MRG kernel from about a month ago.

I have the Radius Precision Color Pro 24XP, and I'm using a current
mrg kernel about a month ago on a IIci with it.  I don't have any
other nubus cards.

My system seems to work fine in 1-bit depth mode.  And I tried 8-bit
and 24-bit color modes.  It has been successfully booted up in 8-bit
color mode, but not in 24-bit mode.  But, X doesn't work in any other
1-bit mode. (;_;

I'm sorry I won't give you any help, and my poor english...

Toshiya Takitani, Minolta Co.,Ltd., Japan