Subject: Re: PPP ?
To: None <magnus@MIT.EDU>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/17/1995 01:02:11
>Has anyone gotten PPP to work correctly?

I've got ppp in and out (57k6).
Should be bussy with a how-to (here's a start)
glad to be of any assistance
not sure if mine is working correctly.

>I tried today with no success.  It *appears* to connect,
                                    ^^^^^^^^^why do you think so??
>but nothing happens. If I ping a host on the I-net
>it tells me that there's no route available.
>I tried fiddling with routed, but to no avail. MoFi

pppd defaultroute?

>Anyone have any tips for the pppd clueless?
what does your file /var/log/messages say about pppd?
and what does the programm netstat -r say about your routes?

grtngs noud

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