Subject: Re: Getting X to work on a IIsi
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/16/1995 08:25:13
On May 16,  8:56am, John W. Price wrote:
>As explained in the instructions, I copied the X.11Mar95.tgz file into
> xinit: No such file or directory

ldconfig /usr/X11R6/lib

>Anyway, after copying all these files, I got the following error message,
>which strikes me as similar to the one Daniel Risacher encountered last
>week or so when he tried to get this to work:
> warning: minor version >=1 expected, using it anyway
> Undefined symbol "__sys_errlist" in X:X

This is because the version of X you're using was built on a post-1.0
system.  Brad Grantham's version was built on 1.0, but because it is
statically linked, takes considerably more space.

To use this version (Allen Briggs' dynamically linked), you need to
upgrade to a -current version of the OS.  Look in: or


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