Subject: Re: Looking for a woking kernel...
To: Ian Dickens <>
From: Yoshihisa Sugimoto <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/13/1995 19:08:54
At  2:35 PM 95.5.10 -0400, Ian Dickens wrote:
>for a IIcx with extended keyboard.  For some reason when I boot I'm
>able to type in 3 commands before no input can be given from the
>I'm not really sure hwta the deal is because I've tried all types of 
>keyboards to no avail.  I am using SCSI id 1 as the BSD drive.  Could
>this be a source of contention?  
>Also,  I havew tried GENERIC kernel #25 and #31 to no avail...
>Any help is really welcome, and if I have repeated silly questions here

I am using IIcx with GENERIC #25 kernel. It works happily now.
What kind of graphic board do you use?
When you are booting NetBSD, do you find the message "grf0 at nubus0: ..." ?
If you find "grf0", GENEIRIC #25, of course #31, will work correctly.
If you don't find "grf0", dt won't work correctly, too.
In addition, you are right to set SCSI ID 1 as NetBSD drive.

Hope this helps.

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