Subject: Re: IIsi/IIvi/IIvx/? test kernel
To: Ben Cottrell <benco@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>
From: Charles J. Williams <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/11/1995 19:26:53
In message <199505110329.UAA10267@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>,Ben Cottrell writes:
>the video is set at? Because I've noticed that MacOS sometimes
>gets confused as to whether it's B/W or color (the behavior

you are using internal video right?  its likely that the memory locations
for your internal "video card" is not being mapped properly--just well 
enough to boot.  i have the same problem with a nubus video card i have
here.  the start of the frame buffer appears to be in superslot space
which is not mapped in the standard kernels.  i am guessing that the
superslotspace is unaccessible from user mode, since it isnt mapped
in all the right places.

i believe the current netbsd code attempts to support internal video by
digging through the macos page tables to locate valid mappings for the
internal video.  according to Designing Cards and Drivers, the mac iisi
uses slot 0xE for internal video.  i have a feeling it would be
possible to just treat the card like another nubus card (however
superslotspace needs to be mapped)  perhaps allen's new nubus code
would take care of this?

btw, did the iisi have 32 bit clean roms?