Subject: Re: IIsi/IIvi/IIvx/? test kernel
To: None <>
From: Ben Cottrell <benco@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/10/1995 11:55:36
	Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate the work on ADB
(I have a IIvx). Indeed; I can run dt and type commands and they
produce cute disk accessing noises. There's just one problem,
which is why I'm bouncing this to the list also:
	Nothing shows up on my monitor. /dev/grf0 and /dev/grf1
exist, but it can't seem to do anything. I have to boot up with
a serial console because it hangs after it spews the first few
lines of bootup messages. When I run dt, the screen doesn't
change from the remnants of MacOS. X doesn't work either.
	As previously mentioned, I have a IIvx, 8 MB RAM,
netbsd.950508, internal video.
	Anyone have any ideas?
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