Subject: Re: chat script that redials
To: Ken Nakata <>
From: Brad Salai <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/03/1995 08:55:47
>Could anyone give me a chat script that redials until it connects when
>the line is busy, dead, or what-have-you?  My current chat script
>simply gives up on it under such situations.  It's kinda hard for the
>shell script (that forks pppd off) to tell whether pppd succeeded or
>not (it can't hear the modem negotiate with the remote modem ;-), so I
>want to make my chat script a little more persistent (needless to say
>chat is one of the worst programming languages I've ever seen ;-).
>Thanks in advance

I may be completely wrong, but isn't this something you can do with the
command that you send to the modem, Instead of sending ATDT xxx-xxxx  send
something that sets up a redial mode?

I've been thinking of the same thing, but haven't done anything about it.
If you figure it out, please let us all know.


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