Subject: Re: IIci working kernel?
To: Scott Kaplan <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 05/02/1995 23:55:07
>Okay, I'm sorry if this is something that everyone already knows about, but--I
>was wondering if anyone has either a) an MRG kernel that is happy on the IIci,
>or b) a non-MRG kernel that will work happily with the 1.0 distribution.

The current kernels should work properly with the IIci's ADB.  This
problem was fixed by Paul Goyette a few weeks back and I rolled the
changes into the current sources almost immediately.  I don't know
how the IIci currently deals with ethernet, though...

See or for info on obtaining
NetBSD-current.  I have some test kernels on my home machine
( in /pub/test and netbsd.042595
seems to work for a couple of people.  There are no guarantees
about any kernel in that directory at any time, though.  For
instance, 042995 is known to have broken dt and X.


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