Subject: Re: Couple-o-questions
To: Christopher M Hudson <>
From: Dave Leonard <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/25/1995 11:15:10
> 	I just installed netbsd for the first working time on my IIsi (boy, was it
> easy:). During the time I've been running it, I've been rather impressed with
> its speed compaired to MachTen. Its nice to be able to do things like compiling
> and not visually see my modem slow down. Seeing bash exec so darn fast is also
> neat. Congrats on the good job. 

yeah, its pretty good - i was impressed first time I got a shell too :)

questions i think i can answer:

>    2. I've manged to get MacLayers working but with a problem of job control
>       being disabled because of a bad ioctl setting. Normally this wouldn't
>       effect me to much, but not being able to do a control-c really sucks:).
>       Has anyone played around with MacLayers and know of a fix? 

hang on, do you have two macs? if you are compiling 'layers' then make
it with the setuid option - that way it can chown ptys and stuff and put
your layers in the utmp. i remember having to edit something to make it 
work properly under Linux.

> 	3. Does the console do scroll regions? I've managed to figure out that
>       doing a "bash &> /dev/console" does a semi nice job of simulating
>       that the console acually works on a IIsi. Even no crashes do to
>       scrolling:) But I'm not exactly sure of a valid termcap entry for it
>       either, nor exactly what vt100 codes it does support. Can anyone
>       fill me in?

I have a IIsi too, and know that you can't use the adb keyboard, so I just use
my monitor as a console.  The code to handle the console is found in
/usr/src/sys/arch/mac68k/dev/ite.c so if you want to, browse that. note that
'dt' and 'X' do their own renderring through the grf device, so they can handle
more vt codes than the raw ite device alone. 

David Leonard                            BE(Comp)/BCompSc 5th year student
The University of Queensland