Subject: Re: Couple-o-questions
To: None <>
From: Chris Hudson <adrick@Dialin-020.Mankato.MSUS.EDU>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/24/1995 22:23:36
> >    2. I've manged to get MacLayers working but with a problem of job control
> >       being disabled because of a bad ioctl setting. Normally this wouldn't
> >       effect me to much, but not being able to do a control-c really sucks:).
> >       Has anyone played around with MacLayers and know of a fix? 
> hang on, do you have two macs? if you are compiling 'layers' then make
> it with the setuid option - that way it can chown ptys and stuff and put
> your layers in the utmp. i remember having to edit something to make it 
> work properly under Linux.

   Yes, I do currently have two macs... for how long is the question :)
As for the setuid suggestion, my understanding is the setuid only has
to deal with utmp and making each window of maclayers act like a real
terminal which show up on the `who`. In this case tho, that does seem
to work just perfectly for me. Anyways, I doubt thats the problem unless
someone more cluefull wants to clue me in.
   The MacLayers point is semi mute at this point tho. I managed to
rather badly hack dt to work with stdin by just outright by passing most
of the adb code. Now via some screen like commands, I can flip through
dt windows... scroll up, and change the font:) With this simple hack tho
and terminal at one's side, dt does work rather nicely on my IIsi. Any
chance that a simular hack could be added as a compile time option? I'd
be happy to give out this 'hack' (as a possible suggestion on one way to
do it) but I think it would be best rewriten as my coding ability is not
the best (probably the worst:).