Subject: Re: NetBSD and PowerBook ?
To: None <paumier@ENSERB.U-Bordeaux.FR>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/17/1995 12:45:55
> Any news about the porting of NetBSD/mac on the PowerBook ??
Quit frankely, there is very little chance that NetBSD/mac68k will ever work with the Powerbook.  Those machines according to apple can NEVER have FPUs.

> I've been unsuccessful trying to install on my PB 180... The best
> I could get was using netbsd MRG kernel. My machine got hung just
> after the message :
> "[ saving 74xxx bytes for netbsd symbols ]"
> Anyone has had better luck ??
Feel privileged you got that PB has an IDE hard drive.

> What about porting NetBSD ont the PPC Macs ???

It's possible if Apple would give up the specs. on that machine and if the
Alice Group had the time, but I think (feel free to correct, guys) that they
already ahve their hands full.