Subject: Re: Printing
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/16/1995 11:53:14
> From: (Bill Studenmund)
> The other option is to run UAR, a package that teaches your UNIX box
> to send & receive EtherTalk packets. This method would be direct, but
> UAR has to work intimatly with the kernel's packet-munching system.
> Getting this to run might be more than hacking on a make file.

Hello. In theory UAR should work fine under MacBSD, it needs a couple of
extra lines of code to switch on the Berkeley Packet Filter support (diffs
included below).

The problem, however, is getting a kernel that supports multicasts. From
a quick look at the current code, it seems as if a newer if_ae.c, ie:

	$NetBSD: if_ae.c,v 1.22 1995/04/13 03:58:18 briggs Exp $

has the necessary support. I'm running a slightly hacked NetBSD 1.0 but
I can probably get motivated to update to current and try it out.

As for CAP, it can also use BPF but the easiest path would be to get
UAR working, then CAP with UAR, then CAP standalone.

UAR etc. is on munnari.OZ.AU in mac/uar.tar.Z, see also

 - David.

*** pf.c.orig	Sat Dec 17 17:20:14 1994
--- pf.c	Sun Apr 16 11:14:44 1995
*** 64,69 ****
--- 64,77 ----
  #define	AIXETH
  #endif	AIX
+ #ifdef	BPFILT
+ #endif	BPFILT
+ #ifdef	__NetBSD__
+ #define	BPFILT
+ #endif	__NetBSD__
  #ifdef	__386BSD__
  #define	BPFILT
  #endif	__386BSD__
*** 116,124 ****
  #ifdef	BPFILT
  #include <errno.h>
  #include <net/bpf.h>
! #if (!(defined(bsdi) || defined(FreeBSD) || defined(__386BSD__)))
  #include <sys/stropts.h>
! #endif	/* bsdi || FreeBSD || __386BSD__ */
  #endif	BPFILT
  #ifdef	UPFILT
--- 124,132 ----
  #ifdef	BPFILT
  #include <errno.h>
  #include <net/bpf.h>
  #include <sys/stropts.h>
  #endif	BPFILT
  #ifdef	UPFILT