Subject: Re: Printing
To: Joshua Freier <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/15/1995 13:27:44
> Can anyone tell me how to get macbsd, running on an se/30 connected to our 
> college' campus network, to print to a HP laserjet 4simx
> Thanks,
> Joshua

We use CAP (Columbia Appletalk Package), which is a big bundle of routines
and libraries which impliment Appletalk under UNIX.

The problem is that I doubt it's been ported to MacBSD. for most of
CAP this lacking might not be serious. CAP works well with other BSD's,
so might be fine.

The problem is in generating EtherTalk packets. There are 2 main ways to
do this: either use IPTalk, or use the UNIX AppleTalk Router (UAR).

IPTalk is a set of IP ports & addressing to run AppleTalk with IP packets
(UDP specifically). The only requirement here is that there be a device
to translate to EtherTalk for the printer to get these packets. Here at
Stanford, we use FastPaths for this. I expect most LocalTalk-to-Ether
routers can do this too.

The other option is to run UAR, a package that teaches your UNIX box
to send & receive EtherTalk packets. This method would be direct, but
UAR has to work intimatly with the kernel's packet-munching system.
Getting this to run might be more than hacking on a make file.

Hope this helps!

Take care,

Bill Studenmund