Subject: Re: Console Problem
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/10/1995 09:42:22
Apr 7 Bernd Machenschalk writes
> Hi!
> I succesfully installed MacBSD (1.0, only base installation so far) on
> my IIx with a Formac ProGraph NuBus card (19" BW).
> During bootup I get a message "too many NuBus ranges", but that
> doesn't prevent it from booting OK (single user mode).
> My problem is that trying to scroll or clear the console
> seems to hang the system, or at least the terminal driver (blind typed
> commands doesn't do anything on the disk). Scrolling works for one time,
> next time it hangs.
> Any suggestions?
> Keep in mind that I only have about 10 lines left to type...
> Bernd.

This past weekend I finally got a hance to try MacBSD again.  I saw exactly
these same symptoms.

1) Is this because I'm not using 32-bit mode?  It seems as though I can't
use Mode32 as it and my Relax 200 video board (19" color) don't get along.
I assume it is the video board because of the strange behavor of the video
card on reboot.  It looks like it wants to start but the second Mode32 is
loaded the machine reboots with an unhappy mac sound.  I was wondering if
any one knew of any issues with Mode32 and 7.0.0

2) Has any one gotten MacBSD to work with the MouseSystems 3-button mouse for
the mac?  Mac BSD hung early in the boot process with that mouse installed
but booted to single user with the Apple Mouse.

- I have MacIIx 8/1.2 (~500M dedicated to unix)
- Relax 200 19" Video card
- Mouse Systems 3-button mouse
- Full 1.0 binaries w/ generic kernel
- I did try one of the MRG kernels w/ Apple mouse I think to the same end.
- I will try Allens 040895 kernel tonight.

Thanks for any help.