Subject: Re: slattach and baud rates
To: Ben Cottrell <benco@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>
From: Walter Ruetten <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/07/1995 10:55:18
> Here's my problem. I have a 14.4 kbps modem and use SLIP. Currently,
> I cu at 19200 baud, then exit and slattach at 19200. That works,
> insofar as I can do pretty much anything with the net.
> If that's not feasible, or even if it is, could someone also
> tell me if/when the gurus are planning to add support for
> flow control?
> Thanks :-)
> 	-Ben

Did you try 
     slattach -h -s ...       
-h like hardware handshake ?

For me this works fine even with 38400 Baud between Mac and Modem.
If you already tried the -h switch, check you modem cable.
With my cable I had to connect HSKO (Handshake out from the Mac side)
to the RTS pin (pin 4 in a 25 pin D-sub connector). The original cable
had a connection from HSKO to DTR (pin 20 on D-sub connector).
HSKI should be connected to CTS (pin 5 on D-sub connector).

Hope this helps
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