Subject: Re: Networking problems
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/03/1995 13:27:58
> It seems that newlines cause my machine's network to hang.  (This is
> my best guess; it never hangs in the middle of a line, and the chance
> of it hanging on a particular command seems to be proportional to the
> number of newlines the command prints.)

I have seen this problem, but I don't think it's the newlines doing it,
but some flow control/packet fragmentation problem or race condition in
the kernel such that splnet isn't working to prevent access to the network
data structures from interrupts (it should be working).  Those are just
guesses.  I know very little about the networking code...  This problem
is getting higher on my priority queue, though I'd love for someone else
to find the problem and send me a patch...  ;-)

More symptoms...  I haven't seen it hang up when I'm telnetting out
(which is what makes me think that it's a problem sending a block of
data).  I've seen it when using telnet, rlogin, and rsh.  Usually, my
system hangs up in the login banner or if I run a command like "man ls"
that dumps a lot of data.

I've also seen a problem with similar symptoms reported in the i386 port,
but w/ PPP connections, not IP.


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