Subject: Re: fstab, mount, and stty crashes
To: Patrick Killourhy <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/29/1995 02:30:22
> A have a couple of different things I need some help with. First,
> I've got a drive on SCSI ID 6 with 2 partitions on it, a 10mb MacOS
> partition followed by a 78 meg "A/UX Usr Slice 2" partition... 
> I added the following line to my /etc/fstab file, hoping that it would
> work:
> /dev/sd1b	/mnt/int	ufs	rw 1 1

This is a little odd the first time you see it...  Some of the
partitions are pre-assigned--like 'a' is the first "Root" or "Root &
Usr" partition, 'b' is the first swap partition, 'g' is the first "Usr"
partition (including 'slice 2').  You can get a dump of the current
partition assignments by using the "disklabel" command once you're in
single-user mode.

> now I get a panic: biodone already whenever I run stty in single user
> mode.

Too wierd.  Can you send me the output from a "dmesg"?  Esp. the part
where it's probing the scsi (between "scsibus0 at mainbus0" and
"ncr96scsi not configured").

> Is this a known problem with
> the debugger, or is something else going wrong? 

It was working fine for me the last time I tested it, but that was quite
a while ago and it wasn't on a IIsi...


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