Subject: Re: forwarded question regarding MacBSD
To: Jon Cargille <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/23/1995 13:31:52
[ Jon, I didn't cc: John Buttitto on this, so you'll have to forward or
  digest & forward, whatever...  ;-) ]

> Does anyone have any information about the "PowerPC upgrade card" that
> this person is talking about?  Any idea whether it will interfere with
> him running MacBSD on his Quadra 700?  And for that matter, will the
> Quadra 700 run MacBSD?  I think I remember Allen saying not long ago
> that he was working on support for it...

I don't believe that the PPC upgrade card will affect BSD, but I haven't
got the cash to find out.  I am occasionally working on the Q700, but
am not making leaps and bounds of progress (yet).  I have some ideas to
try, but I'm currently busy tying up loose strings on the more mainstream

So, in order...  "no, but I'd love for someone to send me one ;-)"
"it shouldn't"  "not yet"  "I did and I am"  :-)


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