Subject: Serial Port on SE/30
To: None <>
From: Haru Mizuno <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/23/1995 11:14:06
     > 	 How to configrate serial ports?

Assuming that you're asking about the way to activate serial ports...
     > 	 I checked 'serial console' at booter. But my SE/30 wasn't
     >  booted. When it was not checked, SE/30 was boot with no problems.

Just make the booter option unchecked.  What you need to do is to
edit /etc/ttytab.  Change the field labeled "status" in the table
file so that tty00 and tty01 are "on".  Consult /etc/gettytab to
obtain valid type for each line speed.  Manual pages for gettytab(5)
and ttytab(5) will help.

In my case, the above works.

My system is:
	SE/30 with no expansion cards
	System J1-7.1 (KANJI-Talk)

Hope this helps.
						-- Haru Mizuno