Subject: Re: MacBSD on CD-ROM?
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/20/1995 15:33:47
> > Hi, the new kernel and X11R6 works great but since it's been
> > installed, the "ps" command doesn't work any longer. Where is the pb?
> I thought that this was in a FAQ somewhere...
> Q) I updated my kernel and some commands no longer work--like 'ps' and 'w'.
> A) Several programs, including ps(1) and w(1), use information in the
>    kernel and will therefore break if any of the relevant data structures
>    change size.  To fix this problem, you can either recompile the
>    program in question (including libkvm, too), or, in the case of 'ps,'
>    you can make sure that /proc is mounted and use the 'procps' program
>    (available from the ftp site).

Well, from the FAQ at

> 23. "ps" says "ps: proc size mismatch"; what's wrong?
> The "ps" program reads the kernel's data directly.  If the size of the
> process structure has changed in the kernel and "ps" has not been
> recompiled since, then there is a size mismatch.  Try to find a newer
> version of "ps" or compile your own.  (Get the source from
>  Of course,
> make sure you also have the latest kernel sources to have the correct
> sys/proc.h.)

And from the info file that people get when they subscribe to macbsd-general:

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