Subject: Re: A coupla questions
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Alex <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/18/1995 02:37:08
At 12:37 AM 17/3/95, Allen Briggs wrote:
>>         Warning  crypt(3) not present in the system
>> Does this only mean I haven't installed the security archive

aha, right.

>> After a 'cu -l /dev/tty00 -s 19200'
>> I get a connected message, only when I try to type in anything I get...
>> 'cu: write: Input/Output error'
>> 'Disconnect'
>Erf...  I don't see that with my current kernel, but I'm connecting
>directly to another system (Q700).

I;ve since found that issuing the cu command and then turning on
the modem works. Works great too! I just gotta figure out DNS now :)

>> oh, how much disk pace does the X distribution take up?
>/usr/X11R6 seems to take up about 28MB on my disk...

hmm.....time to chase up someone with an account at work...

Thanks, Alex

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