Subject: Re: MacBSD on CD-ROM?
To: None <>
From: CPTownsend <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/17/1995 17:47:22
   While looking at an InfoMagic ad, I noticed the following:

   BSDisc CD-ROM 			 NOV 1994			$35.00

<InfoMagic blurb on BSD CD deleted>


   Has anyone bought or seen this CD or one like it sold by someone else?
   My question is: does the CD or another actually include the full
   source and binaries for the Mac 68k NetBSD, including X11R6, so that I
   bought it (or a later edition) installation would be a snap?

Yes, I have November release you described.  It has the full source
and binaries for the mac68k port but:
-it does not have the security package (export restrictions,
methinks) - you can grab this package from
-It does not appear to have m68k binaries of X11R6 (full source, tho)	
I highly recommend this CD.  

nothing particularly relevant to this group follows.....

   By the way, the reason I was looking at the InfoMagic ad in the first
   place is that the limitations of an SE/30 and of Macs in general (a
   matter of Apple's proprietary policies) are such that I'm going to buy
   my first PC (believe it or not, I have never once used a PC, so that I
   have never experienced DOS or Windows, not even to type "dir") so that
   I can run Linux or FreeBSD or NetBSD on it.  I'm leaning toward Linux
   right now, but I don't really know why.  If anyone has any suggestions

Linux.  Because it's fast and free, widely used, 24hr support on irc
        #linux, etc...I use both linux and NetBSD on pc hardware --
        Linux has the performance edge, and the software is less
        troublesome, but NetBSD has better $.02 -- plus
        Linux has DOSEMU (dos emulator) and WINE (windows emulator)...

   for which free PC Un*x to get, please email me instead of starting an
   inappropriate religious war.  I am currently looking at Linux and *BSD

True, true.  Holy war to email.  I apologize in advance for this
flamebait in the BSD camp....