Subject: MacBSD on CD-ROM?
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Franklin Chen <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/17/1995 13:50:43
While looking at an InfoMagic ad, I noticed the following:

BSDisc CD-ROM 			 NOV 1994			$35.00
Includes both NetBSD 1.0 & FreeBSD 2.0 unix-clone implementations for 
386 & 486 machines, MAC (68K), SPARC & Amiga. Both systems are based on
Berkeley 4.4 BSD-Lite and are supplied in both source and binary form 
with installation notes and scripts.  Both systems include X-Windows 
and TCP/IP networking support including client & Server NFS. 
Also includes lots of GNUware/Freeware packages, both in source and 
binary form for development tools, games, editors, mail tools, news, 
shells and lots of utilities. This CD is mastered in ISO-9660 format with 
Rock Ridge extensions. 

- NetBSD 1.0 includes:
		- distribution sets for i386, sparc, mac68k, and amiga
		- expanded source tree for all architectures
- FreeBSD 2.0 includes:
		- distribution sets for i386
		- expanded source & binary trees for i386
- XFree86 binaries for both FreeBSD and NetBSD
- X11R6 (xc as well as contrib)
- BSD-related news archive
- various Answers to Frequently asked Question (FAQs)
- Lots of Freeware/Gnuware sources from the FreeBSD Ports effort
- FreeBSD pre-built binary packages
- a small set of pre-built NetBSD binary packages

Has anyone bought or seen this CD or one like it sold by someone else?
My question is: does the CD or another actually include the full
source and binaries for the Mac 68k NetBSD, including X11R6, so that I
bought it (or a later edition) installation would be a snap?

By the way, the reason I was looking at the InfoMagic ad in the first
place is that the limitations of an SE/30 and of Macs in general (a
matter of Apple's proprietary policies) are such that I'm going to buy
my first PC (believe it or not, I have never once used a PC, so that I
have never experienced DOS or Windows, not even to type "dir") so that
I can run Linux or FreeBSD or NetBSD on it.  I'm leaning toward Linux
right now, but I don't really know why.  If anyone has any suggestions
for which free PC Un*x to get, please email me instead of starting an
inappropriate religious war.  I am currently looking at Linux and *BSD
FAQs to determine what would be most useful for me, e.g., comparing
features such as networking, POSIX compliance, DOS/Windows support, X
support, active development, available GNU and other software,
documentation of internals and administration, support for various

Franklin Chen                                    
Applied Dynamics International
3800 Stone School Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2499