Subject: still a pppd problem, or maybe ttyaa
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/10/1995 08:04:46
I've set up MacBSD, DNS is running now, can verify that with MacTCP Watcher.

I'm now bussy with the PPP dailin side, some question arrise, hope for some

- my mac always has to dail twice (GeoPort) to get the unix modem (Supra
14k4), why twice?
- i can't get pppd to answer a dailin for the second time, why could this be?
        - i can't use ps, as stated before it needs a recompile and i'm not
          up to that yet (sorry folks), is there a work-around to detect that
          pppd is active?
        - can't seem to get the disconnect option to work or etc/ppp/ip-down
          does this meen that my MacPPP disconnects wrong?
          or that my tty01, witch i use is configerd wrong?
        - in the very old list-log they speak about ser0 and ser1,
          do i need to set them up in etc/ttys? how?
        - do i need to create an entry in the etc/gettytab or
          modify a dev/tty01 entry for some modem signals to get throught?
          (yep, want to use printer port for dailin)
- is it possible to use the modem port for a ppp to a dedicated line and
  printer port for dailin? Make it a supperrouter.

As it looks for me i'm not telling pppd that the connection droped down by
not configuring a port or something like that?

Hope you people can shed some light on this. Wow, unix is difficult to use.
Thanx in advance!!!