Subject: Re: [help] SE/30 booting
To: None <jdo@wv.MENTORG.COM>
From: Michael J. Oehler <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/07/1995 11:16:50

I also have a Lapis video card in my SE/30.
MacBSD didn't boot either (!) eventhough I followed the instructions closely.
I removed the card, and voila, it worked. I haven't tried booting the
Lapis in B&W mode. Have you got that to work?

Anyways, I have been told that the device driver /dev/grf0,
the graphics frame buffer, can be altered to bring MacBSD up
on the "big-screen." The modifications to grf0 were posted
about 1 month ago, by David Condon (Nice work David).
I still have a copy if you're interested.

You will also need to get grf0.c from your favorite source site
and re-compile your kernel.

Currently recompiling the kernel. Dual screen X11 isn't far away!