Subject: Re: [help] SE/30 booting
To: James Do <>
From: William V Roth <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/04/1995 12:52:04
On Fri, 3 Mar 1995, James Do wrote:

> I'm trying to install NetBSD-Mac on an SE/30 with a Lapis color card.
> Formatting of the external hard drive was done with the APS tools
> (after Install crashed several times with FWB formatting). On booting,
> the screen displayed 22 horizontal bars on the external monitor, and
> the following, shown partially:
For my color board, I had a similar problem.  I was told to make a system 
file with no inits or control panels, but the MODE32 init for 32 bit 
addressing.  I did so.  This forced the color board to operate in 1 bit 
b/w mode.  From that system, I could boot NetBSD 1.0 problem free.

If removing the colorboard init does not force your colorboard into 1 bit 
mode and the NetBSD booter still fails, try putting the colorboard 
init/control panels in the system folder, set the board to 1 bit b/w, and 
boot from there.

Good luck!


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