Subject: Re: Re: can't gzip xwindow tar file
To: None <,>
From: Bob Deblier <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/01/1995 09:19:11
> > I downloaded a copy of X11R6.122094.tgz from cray-ymp (twice), and have 
> > not been able to zinstall or tar it from inside the netBSD.  
> > 
> > "tar xzvpf X11R6.122094.tgz"
> > [...]
> > The file starts to decompress and spews out:
> > [...]
> > tar: skipping to next file header...
> > 
> > gzip: Stdin: invalid
> > compressed data -- format violated
> How did you bring the tar file to your machine?  Is it possible that you
> downloaded it through FTP in "TEXT" mode?  If you downloaded it to your
> machine, what program did you use and did you have to transfer from
> MacOS to MacBSD through the installer or "HFS"?
Funny enough, I have a problem with the same file. I haven't got MacBSD running
yet, but the Mac installer crashes when I try to install this tar file.
And yes, I'm sure I transferred it in binary mode. I gunzipped it first on my
Sun Sparc, before transferring it (again in binary mode) to the Mac disk.

Bob Deblier