Subject: Re: Mach for power PC
To: Peter Brewer <>
From: Rob Browning <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/21/1995 18:35:52
>There's another one for Brad. It sounds like they are implementing something
>like the HURD project ( by Michael I. Bushnell) at FSF. Using Mach 3.x as
>the base kernel and then implementing Unix 'emulators' (there's that *word*
>again) for it. It would seem like a good idea to tie MIB, Dr. Qiang Li,
>and Allen together for a 'talk'. Problems are that Stallman still hates
>Apple even though the boycott has dropped. Perhaps once HURD is released
>then interest with increase.
>You still have to have a MacOS 'emulator' as well. NO mention is made
>about efforts in that area.
>-- peter

I'm not sure what you mean by a MacOS emulator, but Apple seems to be
taking an interest in this port project.  I wonder if they would be
interested in helping out (with info, manpower, whatever) in the creation
of something like MAS for either MacBSD, PowerMac linux, or the HURD if it
comes to the Mac.  They would still make money off of OS and hardware
sales, and would lure researchers, hackers, developers, and other people
that might otherwise avoid the Mac.

(Of course, given people's history of getting info out of Apple, I'm
probably dreaming, but perhaps with the clone revolution, things will