Subject: Re: Source for Animas Mouse?
To: Tres Hofmeister <tres@rap.ucar.EDU>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/21/1995 14:11:38
> 	Can someone recommend a source for the Animas MacPro
> three-button mouse?  Or perhaps another three-button mouse which will
> work (easily, that is... :) under Brad's X11R6?  Thanks...

I can't remember where I got mine, but I know it was from a cheap
wholesale electronics warehouse in Mountain View, California.  I
suspect that you could call a handful of those and one of them
would have a pointer for you if not the real thing.  (Of course, it's
been 9 months since I bought my mouse...)

Okay.  Time for a little honesty.  I coded up the three button support
and slammed it out the door.  It worked for me with option-arrows,
but I didn't really test it extensively with my mouse.  There's
a good chance that it doesn't work well if at all.  There are a bunch of
things I want to fix over the next few weeks, but I need to bring
MacBSD onto the front burner (which is currently occupied by some
other hardware and software projects).  Here's my laundry list:
	- Get my machine working again (apply "biodone" patches) (simple)
	- Update X to newest patch level (simple)
	- Carry over ADB instead of re-initializing, so that mouse
		three button programming stays active (hard)
	- Fix three-button mouse support (simple)
	- Build shared versions of X and libraries (hard)
	- Include man pages in X distribution (simple)
	- Build a patch file so others can build distribution (simple)
	- Document work on MRG so that others can continue working (simple)

Those things marked "(hard)" may not get done, since I'm having a lot
more success squeezing blood from stones than I am getting the ADB
hardware to work properly.  (The stones require less compile time.)

I probably will not be working on ADB for the non-working machines in
the short term, as I have other (more encouraging) projects which are
now taking up more of my time.

I usually don't like saying, "this is what I'll do, no, really," but
if you are looking for 3 button support, it will probably be several
weeks before it's patched back together (by me, anyway).

--  ----------- Brad Grantham,
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