Subject: Re: X issues: Amiga binaries, olwm, up- and down-arrow keys
To: David Myers <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/20/1995 10:39:45
> While trying to run the Amiga version of fvwm found at
> I kept on getting an error message that looks like this (I'm paraphrasing):
> Unable to locate library libXpm
> libXpm is a library (also found at the same ftp site) that fvwm requires.
> The installation process for fvwm and xpm is automated, and apparently puts
> things in the right places.

Have you rebooted since installing?  There is a library cache loader that
you need to run every time you add a shared library (which is
run at startup, thus my question) which is called ldconfig (I think),
normally run (at least on sun-lamp) from /etc/rc.local.

> I'm also trying to get olwm & olvwm running -- this looks a little more
> hopeful, as I have them in source form.  I'm not sure my imake and xmkmf
> configuration information is all correct, however -- I still new at X and
> don't really know what I'm doing.  I'll be sure to let this list know if I
> get anything working.

Get "" off of, in pub/NetBSD_Mac/X11R6 (instructions
in; I don't think xmkmf works properly with the
setup I provided, which was missing

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