Subject: Re: SCSI bus on Powerbook
To: None <>
From: Aleksandr Milewski <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/19/1995 16:27:11
>APS PowerTools and other similar programs do not recognize the hard drive (int.
>120 meg) as being valid.  It is either not seen on the scuzzy bus or complains
>that it does not have a macscuzzy 4.3 compatible driver.  I cannot mount it to
>try and install a new driver or repartition.

It won't be on the SCSI bus, ever.  The internal disk on the PB150 (and the
Quadra/Performa 63x family) is an IDE drive. Until someone attempts an IDE
driver for MacBSD, you're stuck using an external drive. Fortunately, Apple
has kept the SCSI bus around, but only for external devices. (on the 150;
the 63x machines use SCSI CD-ROMs)


Aleksandr Milewski	                                                      N6MOD
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