Subject: *Now* what's wrong???
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: David C. Myers <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/18/1995 12:00:53
After having MacBSD working for a number of days, I decided to swap out the
160 meg disk I was using in favor of a 230 I had lying around.  Installed
everything, formatted the drive, ran mkfs, ran the installer, everything
should be fine.  But here's the message I get when booting:

Low = 0x0, high = 0x100000
Low = 0x200000, high = 0x300000
. (a few more similar messages)
Low = 0xe00000, high = oxf00000
8388608 bytes available (2048 pages)
get_mapping(): Too many NuBus ranges.
Log = 0xf9000000, Phys = 0x9000000, Len = 0x100000 (1048576)
. (similar messages)
get_mapping(): No internal video
   Video address = 0xf9900000
   Weird mapping starts at 0x0
   Length = 0x0 (0) bytes

Let me reiterate that this is an SE/30, 8 megs RAM, external B&W display,
that booted fine when using the 160 drive.  Why won't it boot now?  There
are no NuBus cards, and there is internal video (even though the internal
CRT is broken).  What's also odd is that a few days ago, I created a
SyQuest 44 meg partition as a backup bootable MacBSD disk.  The Mac would
boot BSD fine from that device as well.  Once I installed the 230, though,
the SyQuest failed on boot, giving the exact same error messages as printed
above.  Okay:  I figure MacBSD doesn't like Maxtor 230 meg disks.  So I
remove the 230 disk from the SCSI chain altogether.  Try again to boot
MacBSD from the SyQuest:  the *same* error listing appears.

Yikes.  Can anybody help me understand this?


David C. Myers