Subject: Questions on X & recent kernels
To: macbsd-general mailing list <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/17/1995 18:04:35
In the last week I've gotten X working and set up MacBSD to work with
my ppp account at a local provider, putting my machine on the
internet.  (I wasn't sure I'd ever see X run on a 512x342 screen.  It's
humbling. :-)  BTW, running X on two screens _does_ work (DISPLAY is
:0.1 for the second screen); the cursor moves between screens similarly
to MacOS, but you can't drag windows across.  Next comes setting up sup
to get the latest kernel sources...

But I digress.  My questions are:

- I am using the MRG kernel that was in the original MRG test bundle,
  and it works fine.  I tried the GENERIC_25 kernel from, and it did something strange with my
  scsi device mapping.  I have three scsi disks.  ID 0 has only MacOS
  stuff, ID 1 has my root&usr and a 16M swap, and ID 2 has two BSD
  partitions (they are both "Slice 2/Usr" if memory serves) and another
  swap partition.  When I boot with the earlier kernel, the two generic
  partitions on sd2 get mapped to /dev/sd2d and /dev/sd2g.  When I boot
  with the newer kernel (without making any changes to sd2), they are
  mapped to >/dev/sd2c< and /dev/sd2g.  This gave me a nasty scare
  before I clued in on what was happening, because fsck fails ("corrupt
  superblock - bad magic number" or some such) when it's run on
  /dev/sd?c, even if disklabel says it's in the right part of the disk
  to have a filesystem.  (For those who didn't quite follow that,
  /dev/sd?c is traditionally the whole scsi disk under BSD 4.*.)

  Has there been a recent change in the way partitions are mapped to
  minor devices, or is there something strange with the particular
  kernel builds I have?  (I know the WORMHOLE kernel from the same
  place has some hardwired swap devices, but that's not the one I'm
  using...)  If it's relevant, I can capture the 'disklabel' output
  with the two kernels and mail it out.

- What's the best/easiest way to get hold of the full X11R6
  distribution (X server sources, man pages, etc) with Brad's changes
  to make it work under MacBSD?  I have a file called X11R6pl5-diff
  which I _think_ has the necessary patches, but I don't remember
  exactly where or when I got it.  :-)  My plan is to download the
  X11R6 distribution (by ppp over 14.4 modem :-P ) from one of the mirrors and try to apply the patch file.  Can anyone either
  confirm that this will work or tell me that it won't, before I spend
  several hours doing the download?

- In X, where exactly is the mapping of option-left arrow and
  option-right arrow to mouse buttons 2 and 3 done?  I have a
  non-extended keyboard, and those particular key combinations are
  really unpleasant.  Is the mapping hiding in a config file somewhere,
  or do I need to recompile the X server to change it?

- monroe
Monroe Williams