Subject: Re: Motif
To: Michael J. Oehler <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/14/1995 16:59:19
> Allen Briggs Writes:
> > Binaries for NetBSD/Sun3, SunOS/Sun3, or NetBSD/amiga should work.
> >I would be much more inclined to look for binaries for the NetBSD
> >systems.
> [...]
> Both of these imply that the binaries are distributable! Way Cool.
> OK, I may not be able to get the include files which prohibits
> compiling. Not Cool, but it's a start.

They are not distributable.  I can see how you read that into what I
said, but it's not true.  You need to find someone who is selling
binaries for one of the above platforms.  Sorry...


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