Subject: Re: netbsd10.patched on IIsi
To: Patrick Killourhy <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/14/1995 01:09:24
> terminal I have on the modem port as the console.
> dt refuses to run at all

It should be nicer about failing, but it's not (obviously).  dt will not
run except on the ite console (adb keyboard/mac video)--it will not run
on the serial console.  Try running screen (add-on) or window (included)
for that functionality.

> I'm also unable to get vipw to work. When I
> run it, the system crashes and drops me into the kernel debugger...

Ahem...  Could you send me at least the PC from this crash?  Ideally,
I'd like to see you run a more current kernel (and do a "trace" from the
debugger prompt and send me that output--or at least a few lines of it).
When I say a more current kernel, the GENERIC one from pub/cray on puma,
or pub/NetBSD/arch/mac68k on is fine (they're the same
kernel--that from

> The system also refuses to boot
> multi-user.

I suspect that this is for the same reason that you can't run vipw...


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