Subject: Re: Well, MacBSD is running on the SE/30 now...
To: David C. Myers <>
From: Adrian Forte <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/12/1995 02:38:43
On Sat, 11 Feb 1995, David C. Myers wrote:

> With help from Allen Briggs, I got NetBSD running on my SE/30 (had the
> wrong version of the booter -- simple enough), but it's pretty unstable.
> Every time I try to run vipw to change passwords, I get a "panic: biodone
> already" message. I think my passwd file got screwed up in a crash once, so
> I can't log in as root under multiuser anymore.  Can anyone help me over
> these hurdles?  Many thanks...

When my passwd file got screwed up, along with a few others, I just 
re-installed it from the distribution set. Simple enough task assuming 
you haven't made any changes. 

I suggest that, I'm sure someone has a less violent way, but...

If you follow my somewhat blunt methodology, be sure to keep a log of any 
changes you make, just in case you have to do it again.

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