Subject: Logitech 3 Button Mouse Don't Woik
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tres Hofmeister <tres@rap.ucar.EDU>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/10/1995 18:49:33
	Well, I came home today to find the Logitech MouseMan 3 button
mouse I'd ordered last night on my doorstep.  Unfortunately, it doesn't
seem to work correctly under X11R6.  The buttons are programmed via a
control panel, which is, I suppose, a good idea under MacOS, but there
seems to be no obvious way to get them to work under NetBSD/X11R6.
Loading the control panel before booting NetBSD doesn't seem to have
any effect.

	I'm running the netbsd.020495 kernel on an SE/30.  My Micron
Xceed Color 30 card still has problems, so I'm running X11 on the
internal display for the time being.  The <Alt>-Left and <Alt>-Right
key combinations do The Right Thing, but the up and down arrows don't
seem to work (I'm using tcsh as my shell).

	Any suggestions, or is it time to send it back and try another
mouse?  Should I be looking for a mouse which is programmable via DIP
switches or something?  Thanks...

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