Subject: Re: Other video boards...
To: Kevin Radke <>
From: Jason Downs <downsj@PEAK.ORG>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/09/1995 10:55:02
In message <>,
	Kevin Radke writes:
>On another note, anyone know if there is any binary compatibility
>with HP's old 300/400 machines?  We have some here, I've just
>never bothered trying a binary.  They are 68030 and 68040 based.
>(I think we even have some 020's in a closet...  Retired them
>for parts since we got our 715's)

The HP9000/300 series has a 4k stack size.  Amigas, Macs, Sun3s, and
any other (to my knowledge) NetBSD m68k platforms are 8k.  Even NetBSD
uses a different (m68k4k vs. m68k) binary format, which isn't compatible
between the two, so the prospect of ever having HPUX compatibility is even
lower than it currently is for NetBSD/hp300.

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