Subject: install
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Yulim Tan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/09/1995 10:53:08
>Umm... just thought of this. By any chance did you forget to install a
>swap partition? If MacBSD doesn't find a swap partition, it could start
>using a MacOS partition, which of course would cause major damage...

>Good luck!
>	-Ben

No, I didn't forget to install the swap partition and df showed me
that it booted with the right partition. Yesterday night, I tried to
reinstall netbsd and met yet another problem:

  The Install utility doesn't want to recognize the root partition if
the swap partition is before the root! I lost two hours to discover
this "Bug".

  When I inverted the position of the two partitions, The installer
worked and I could boot normally. But when I tried to quit again, with
this time the command "shutdown -r now", the system rebooted but
crashed with the same error I met last time (sad mac) at the same
place (first read of the HD).
  I had to use Disk Tools to repair again. It diagnostic was : some
partitions are cross linked. Can someone explain more clearly what
it meanS? The driver was damaged and I had to reinstall a new
driver, loosing for the second time my two unix partitions.

  I have two ideas of the origin of the problem:
	- the HDT driver I'm using is not compatible with netbsd. I
don't really  think so.
	- the Unix partitions must be placed before Apple partitions
and the HD driver.

  I moved my MacOS partition at the end of the disk and prepared new
Unix partitions. I will install a third time this afternoon to see if
this will resolve the restart crash.

  If anyone has an idea, please mail me. It would be great if someone
collect all the install problems and synthetise into a "How To" file
for newbies like me 8^).

			Snoopy <back to the install III> :)