Subject: Re: X Mice, buttons, etc.
To: Erik Vogan <>
From: Loren Peace <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/09/1995 01:26:35
On Wed, 8 Feb 1995, Erik Vogan wrote:

> Just a couple of quick questions:
> 	I'll admit it, I'm a novice X user (at best), so I just expected 
> to type startX, and that it would come up all nice and pretty.  Here's 
> what I get:
> 	A hatched background, and a single console window.
> 	Pressing the mouse button (standard Apple ADB mouse), or either 
> of the 2nd and 3rd button equivalents (option --> and option <--) does 
> nothing.  I can type commands into the console (like xclock), but they 
> always come up in the upper left hand corner of the window, in front of 
> the console. At this point I can't regain use of the console until I 
> control-c out of whatever I ran.
> 	I get the X cursor over the background, and the arrow cursor 
> (with text input ability) when I'm over the console, but I can't get 
> resize corners.

You need to launch a window manager.  Try twm, it come with the 
distribution, it's in the X11R6 directory.  Just launch it in the 
background and you'll be able to move windows are bring up a control menu 
with the left mouse button.

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