Subject: Re: rc.local settings?
To: Ivan Alves <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/08/1995 21:40:08
On Feb 8,  4:47pm, Ivan  Alves wrote:
>I am trying to make use of the kernal that Brad Grantham made available.  I
>have no problems booting a IIci with internal video and 8 MB RAM. I also
>realized that I no longer get the "not configured" signal after identifying
>the Asante ethernet card that I am using.  However, I am a really novice
>use of unix and have no idea how to set up the rc.local so that I can use
>of this breakthrough.  If anybody has a bit of spare time (I know that may
>be asking for too much), could you please indicate what changes do I need
>to make to the rc/rc.local files so that I can get connected?

Here's what I did, for my own local network (I'm not connected to a WAN).

Make some addresses in /etc/hosts:

<6 wormhole># cat /etc/hosts	wormhole		#NetBSD machine	c610			#Centris w/MacOS	macii			#MacII w/MacOS

Make a file /etc/hostname.ae0 .   This causes your enet to be configured:

<7 wormhole># cat /etc/hostname.ae0
inet wormhole

Then I make an adjustment to /etc/netstart -- set

Seems timed complains if it cannot find anyone to talk to.

Hope this helps...

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