Subject: Re: X Mice, buttons, etc.
To: Erik Vogan <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/08/1995 21:08:13
On Feb 8, 11:27pm, Erik Vogan wrote:
>	I'll admit it, I'm a novice X user (at best), so I just expected 
>to type startX, and that it would come up all nice and pretty.  Here's 
>what I get:
>	A hatched background, and a single console window.
>	Pressing the mouse button (standard Apple ADB mouse), or either 
>of the 2nd and 3rd button equivalents (option --> and option <--) does 
>nothing.  I can type commands into the console (like xclock), but they 
>always come up in the upper left hand corner of the window, in front of 
>the console. At this point I can't regain use of the console until I 
>control-c out of whatever I ran.
>	I get the X cursor over the background, and the arrow cursor 
>(with text input ability) when I'm over the console, but I can't get 
>resize corners.

First -- you need to run a window manager to get resize handles and a title
bar.  There is one included: twm.

Next -- to run applications and get your prompt back, you need to append an
ampersand (&) to the command.  Thus:

    twm &
    xclock &
    xterm &

Last -- you can position things on the window, and specify their size, by
using the -geometry flag to the command.  -geometry takes an argument of
negative (replace the + with a -) in which case the position is measured
from the right or bottom of the screen, respectively.  You can specify
XSIZExYSIZE or +XPOSITION+YPOSITION by themselves.  The keyword -geometry
can be abbreviated, so long as it is unique.  Thus:

    xclock -geom 50x50-1+1 &   puts a 50x50 xclock in the upper right corner
    xterm -geom 12x60-1-1 &    puts a 12 line by 60 column xterm in the
                               lower right corner
    xterm -geom +1-1 &         puts a standard xterm in the lower left corner

Hope this helps,

Steven R. Allen -

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