Subject: Re: No BSD on an SE/30 yet
To: None <>
From: CPTownsend <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/08/1995 16:42:52
   Any guidance would be appreciated.

I have my SE/30 booting w/ no problems:

5 meg, BSD on a 260 Meg external partition, ~27 megs swap --
Micron Xceed Color 30 video (I use an external monitor as my primary...) 

I cannot boot unless my mac is:

Booting w/ no extensions (I took 'em out altogether, none of that
shift-boot stuff for me), no control panels, EXCEPT

	Mode 32 (32 Mode enabled)
	Memory (32 bit addressing enabled)
	Monitors (set at 1 bit [i.e. B&W] depth)

Still annoyed by the ADB bug, and DT just dumps core, but hey,
emacs compiled.....

Thanks Alice!

any ?'s ,