Subject: Re: IIsi update--unusual fs condition
To: None <>
From: Greg Ames <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/05/1995 22:39:41
>My SCSI chain has three devices: an internal 540 Mb HD (SCSI id 0), an
>external Apple cdrom (id 3) and an external 80 Mb HD (id 6). I'm using the
>80Mb drive for MacBSD (mainly because I don't know of any way to
>repartition the internal drive without losing everything on it :) )
>When I ran the installer, untar'ed the files, built the devices etc., the
>installer probed the SCSI chain and identified id0 as sd0, id3 as sd1, and
>id6 as sd2. The 80Mb drive, containing the root partition, was thus sd2.
>The kernel, however, upon booting, identifies the internal hd as sd0, the
>cdrom as *cd0*, and the external 80Mb as *sd1*. Could this disparity
>between the installer and the kernel be the source of my grief?

Absolutely.  Fire up the installer, cpout /etc/fstab, change /dev/sd2a
to /dev/sd1a, and cpin it back.  Or better yet, remove the cdrom drive
from the SCSI chain, and rebuild /etc/fstab with the installer.  I had
no luck with my Toshiba 3501 cdrom or my 8mm tape drive on my SE/30;
you're probably better off leaving all non-hard disk devices off the
SCSI bus until you get everything working.  Then reconnect the cdrom
so you can play Myst when you aren't hacking :-)