To: Andrew Charles Storms <>
From: Tim Hayes <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/01/1995 11:27:11
>I was able to install the mrg kernal from Brad Grantham.
>All of its 'pros' seem to work fine, ie keyboard emulation of a 3 button 
>mouse.  However, I have noticed a few oddities.
>1) ps aux returns Nan and InF in the %MEM and %CPU columns
>2) Netstat -i shows no route tables and -rn craps out.
>3) vmstat craps out with a 'time makes no sense' error
>I would imagine there are others that go along with oddities.
>Has anyone encountered this?  Or have I done something wrong.
>I have a MacII w/ 8 RAM and 150 meg BSD partition and 24 meg swap
>All the rest is standard ie: ext. keyboard, macII video, stnd. mouse.

This is probably due to you unknowingly running incompatible versions of
these programs. When you make changes to a kernel it can shuffle around the
memory locations of certain variables that ps, vmstat, and other utilities
want to read. You'll need to get copies of these programs compiled for
the kernel you are using.