Subject: Re: More Bogo
To: None <,>
From: Peter Brewer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/31/1995 23:29:10
>> I think what we follwers of A/UX and MacBSD want to know is about the
>> bogosity of the Linux/PowerPC project? Is is vapor or are ice crystals
>> beginning to form. ;-)

>I have no doubt that there will be a Free UNIX for PowerPC PREP/CHRP machines.

>The real question seems to be 'will there be a Linux for the PowerMac' or more
>accurately "will there be a Linux for the Nubus PowerMac's" ?


Nope, the real question is: Has the LPF/FSF-GNU finally called off their
boycott of Apple as they have stated? ( Thanks somewhat to yours truly
I guess.. for keeping rms up to date on the legal end of things? )

Will that ab-original Bushman Michael Bushnell port the Hurd Mach
microkernel and his Unix emulator, (shades of Mach Ten!) to the Mac? ( Since
the PowerMac owner represents the largest segment of the RISC population?
Over 1,000,000 sold just like MacDonalds ... or is it IBM? ) Is there
sufficient documentation to allow both a Unix and Mac emulator to exist
ala' A/UX? Will Cygnus step in, adopt the Bush-er's code, and seeing a
potentially broad market take it the rest of the way? Will Tenon Systems
and Brad Grantham take hold of the new microkernel code and get it
to work with a potentially more compatible System 8 ( or copulatorA/UX )?
Will Linux adopt all or most of this code and use the Bushman's Hurd of
lean and mean raptors as opposed to Linus's big Intel Tyranosaur? Will
BSD4.4 become the standard Unix 'emulator'? Will COFF drop off the face
of the earth?

These and other probing questions will be answered on next week's
X-Files as Muldaur and Sculley solicit FSF hackers on the Internet in
an effort to trace Satanists who transfer curses across the Internet
in the form of 'flames'. Helpful internet hackers to include Mac/BSD4.4
experts Allen Briggs, Brad Grantham, as well as Linus Torvald and
Michael Bushnell from M.I.T. who writes a sophisticated Internet agent
to track down satanic cults and curses and build a huge firewall
against the cursed flames. :-) ;-)) :)) ( Watch to see which of the
four puts the moves on Scully. :-) )

-- peter brewer

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